The March of the Bonus Army

A PBS documentry narrated by Gary Sinise and produced by New Voyage Communications.  The program chronicles the World War I veterans march on Washington, D.C. in the darkest days of the great depression and the ensuing events that influenced the rights of veterans and citizens. 

Our Vanishing Forests

This public TV documentary, narrated by Pulitzer-prize winning writer, M. Scott Momaday explores the history of the US Forest Service and its transformation away from a conservation ethic to a resource supplier.  It was produced by Public Media Productions. 

Fine Food, Fine Pastries

This program nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary short, produced by David Petersen depicts a day in the life of a unique restaurant in Washington, D.C. that served as a neighborhood gathering place since the great depression. 

Hallowed Grounds

Premiering on Memorial Day 2009, this PBS documentary brings to life the twenty-two overseas military cemeteries with stunning visuals and powerful story telling.  The program is produced by New Voyage Communications. 

See What I'm Saying

Thomas Kaufman directed this award-winning film from the perspective of a deaf child who acquires communications skills, self-esteem, and confidence. 

Crucible of War

What happens to ordinary citizens after the war is over and the news cameras have left? Leon Gerskovic 's journey took him to the Balkans to talk to war refugees about their experiences with war and ethnic cleansing. Produced by Erica Ginsberg.